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The story

SIDA was born in 1970; At first it dealt with the production of hot and cold beverages, carrying on over ten years experiences which began with the different name of SELME.

Sida offices - front

It became completely
self-sufficient as regards design and manufacture of its product range (i.e. mechanics, electromechanics, electronics) and during the seventies it produced a magnetic card payment which was initially thought for vending but then found great appllications in magnetic cards telephones field. 

SIDA offices and Mechanical workshop inside view

Direction - Marketing

They were entirely projected and produced by SIDA and vbecame the main supply source for Italian SIP (the current TELECOM) until 1985. For the same Company it has produced and supplier until 1994. 

Mechanical workshop - particular

During these last days SIDA has worked hard to strengthen its commercial relationships with national Companies and Public Organizations which SIDA has supplied or still supplies with its production.

Thanks to its ability in projecting and producing, SIDA is able to face every national or international request, referred to machines with very good external structures which need a high precision mechanics (with low power) controlled by the most updated electronics with microprocessor or Personal Computer.

Research and development office

SIDA can offer the following:

- collection in parking areas
distributors of cigarettes and
   packaged products
distributors of hot and cold
- distributors of tickets and cards
- distributors of coins and tokens
- banknote and coin receveirs
- desktop automatic change

Mechanical workshop

Italiana Distributori Automatici S.p.A. -  Via E. Montale, 11 - 25018 Montichiari (Brescia) - Italy
Tel. ++39.030.961510 - Fax ++39.030.964753